Photo Controls

Welcome to our Image & Photo Control Examples.

This page shows a small handful of the various photo and image effect controls that are included as standard in all our web packages. Quick Tiger websites allow you to easily click, drag, and configure these controls anywhere on the screen to suit your needs. This allows you to easily edit and manage your website pages in situ, rather than having to go to a seperate set of backend pages.


Hotspot Control

This control adds hotspots to any photo. You can then use the pop-up windows to provide further details - or link to another page. Click on the hotspots on the image below to see this in action.


Gear Stick
Steering Cortrols
On Board Computer


Slider Control

This can be seen at the top of the Website Page and is also repeated below. A fancy way to highlight a before and after shot.


Swiper Control

The swiper control comes with 8 pre-configured animations you can choose. Use the pointers or just click and swipe to change images. Automatic image swiping and time delays can be easily adjusted. The examples below show the 3D cube and Parallex slider. It's a simple click and drag, or browse and select, operation to change the images.

Cube Swiper

Parallex Swiper



The carousel control allows you to show images or text that can be easily scolled and swiped on and off the screen. You can include links within the images (example on the firework picture) or text to direct the reader to another section or external website.


Basic Photo Carousel



Testimonials / Personnel Profile Type Carousel


Photo Gallery

A csutomisable photo gallery with single or multiple galleries. Click the gallery cover to view the album photos.